SI's "Confessions of an Agent" an Insightful Look at Big-Time College Sports

I hear from people all of the time who are in denial that their favorite college football program is cheating. If you want an insightful and what I believe to be accurate portrayal of the college sports landscape as well as the mindset of the agents who are hoping to cash in by signing the most talented players, read this insightful piece in the October 18th edition of Sports Illustrated.

I have a feeling many will try to discredit now retired agent Josh Luchs' claims in this piece, but remember......when Jose Canseco made his claims about performance enhancement drug use in pro baseball, people discredited him as well. And almost everything Canseco alluded to in his book has turned out to be true.

From everyone I have spoken with over the years, the picture of college sports that I've been able to piece together looks a lot more like Luchs' claims than the angelic picture others have tried to portray.

Doesn't mean everyone in and associated with college sports is dirty, but its a HUGE business with millions of dollars at stake for the schools, athletes, agents, TV networks and others who profit.


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